Friday, October 23, 2009

Arigato, sister!

My sister recently had a trip to Japan and has returned with some lovely paper for me. There are the usual suspects of textured washi paper, stunningly detailed printed paper and some lovely big sheets of handmade wrapping paper, however the most exciting contribution she has made to my paper collection is a big packet of almost A3 off-white paper textured with thread and printed with maple leaves. She was beautifully resourceful in this find - straight from a kitchenwares supply shop away from the tourist strips. Apparently, this is the paper found lining obento boxes and used as placemats in restaurants. Just the sort of quirky history I love for my crafty stuff!

I've been playing around with some simple pen and ink drawings backed on various origami paper patterns. It seems that myself and all the world are infatuated with bird imagery at the moment, so a couple have featured here (as well as in my profile pic). All of these are available as a greeting card (printed on linen-textured cardstock) or 100% recycled cardstock gift card. Drop me an email with any questions - pack discounts available.


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