Friday, October 9, 2009

Buddhas, Buildings, Paper and Lace

Judging by the date of this post and of the last I expect that my presence here is going to be random at best!
Lately I have been playing around with some photos taken on holiday. I can spend hours playing around in photoshop - it isn't uncommon for family or friends to find their heads super-imposed on google-image sourced bodies, or for their face to feature on the head of a bowling pin... I also love taking photos. I try not to be one of those tourists that spends so much time behind the camera that they forget to actually engage in the new world around them, but sometimes that is the case when I'm in a photogenic place like the Grand Palace in Bangkok or the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery in Hong Kong.
I spent six weeks in Hong Kong a few years back and was completely taken with the Buddhist imagery surrounding me and the way that it was integrated into the busy, modern metropolis. I was completely snap happy in this city - I barely left my apartment without my camera! My photos from this trip were nice shots - engaging and accurate - but when I got home I realised that they didn’t really communicate the juxtaposition of city and religion that I had experienced as a green Aussie traveller. My trusty Photoshop helped me to play with these images to remind myself of this conflict of sensibilities; mixing temples, buddhas and stone lions with lace, neon and origami paper.
Most of these images were taken at the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery. If you're ever in HK it's well worth a look.

'Paper Temple' ‘Buddhas, Buildings, Paper and Lace’ Blank Greeting Card

Digital collage on a layered background of origami paper

'Buddhas, Buildings, Paper and Lace’ series Blank Greeting Cards
Digital collage on a layered background of origami paper or handmade paper sourced from South Korea

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