Saturday, April 17, 2010

How the time flies!

It is so surprising that it is April already. It seems as if one moment I’m putting away the Christmas tree and the next I’m gorging on chocolate bunnies! My year has been particularly full so far: I’ve moved house, had relatives to visit and celebrated with friends who have had babies. I’ve also been in the swing of work again, which may explain my hesitancy in going on the computer once I’ve gotten home – too much square eyes during the day!

In the rush of 2010 I’ve still been crafting and creating, however. My new apartment has a lovely east-facing sunroom that has been set up as my studio, and it’s so lovely to have everything organised. Down the length of the room, under the windows, I’ve a long black desktop with open shelves underneath. On this three-metre length sits my binding machine, sewing machine, laminator, laptop, scanner and printer - Pretty maids all in a row…

Another feature of my new unit is a deep balcony off the living area and sunroom. This is a wonderful place to have a cuppa and some toast in the morning, however it has brought an unexpected complication to my craft making. With April comes the autumn winds, and my windows and doors off this balcony seem to catch them all. A peaceful afternoon’s playing with origami paper and glue becomes an extreme sport as the wind transports my creations all the way into the kitchen! I’ve never been very good at catch, however I can’t bear to shut the house up. Hence my scissors, rulers and TV remote have been called into double duty as paperweights.

Pictured below are some mini journals that survived the wind’s game of fetch. Each measures approximately 10.5 centimetres square, and each is unique. Sturdy and wire-bound, the mini journals are covered in either washi origami paper or a hundred-year-old Don Quixote page. The end papers contrast with the covers – thrown in the mix here also is some 1950s music paper (look out for the Canadian Boat Song).

I have the radio on as I type this, and you wouldn’t believe it. Playing right now is Blowin’ in the wind...

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