Wednesday, June 9, 2010

As promised...

As pomised here is a photo of my new Little Golden Book journals. These were created from battered and bruised books found in op shops, at the back of the cupboard and on eBay, cleaned up and then filled with fresh white paper. I love the idea that these special books will have a second life.

At last month’s stall I realised just how special they were. Almost everyone that stopped to look had the same reaction: “I used to have these!” This would then be followed by tales of which stories were their favourite, and where the books now resided (in most cases, in a box ‘somewhere’ in the garage, or given away to the kids across the road). All of the books used are vintage – my earliest is from 1954 and the latest in the early 80s – and I loved seeing adults of various ages sneak a look inside the front cover, just in case they saw their name scrawled on the infamous ‘This Little Golden Book Belongs To…’ nameplate.

Children got excited when they saw the covers too – many recognised current favourites (albeit from later print runs). At first I was concerned that kids would be disappointed that the colourful pages inside had been replaced, but my worries were allayed after overhearing one little girl’s comment. She picked up a ‘Scuffy the Tugboat’ (one of my faves also), looked inside and then proclaimed, “Look, Mummy. The pages are blank so I can write my own story!” How sweet!

In the picture below are some of my favourite titles, and the image also shows the bookmark attached to the spine. Each bookmark features two illustrations from the inside of the book, laminated for durability.


  1. Hi
    I bought one of your little journals at the Boutique Markets yesterday. I didn't really look at it too closely when I purchased it but now that I have had time to sit down and play with it I just wanted to say thank you. Your handiwork is perfect. How you fold the paper so perfectly is way beyond my ability. I look foward to catching you at the markets again sometime.

  2. Thank you so much for your feedback! It's lovely to hear - and so sorry for the delay in my reply. Introduce yourself to me next time you pop in, it's always nice to have a chat at the markets :-)