Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hello World

I love Spring! This year I have an 'up close and personal' Spring experience - a possum and her baby have made a nest on my balcony. Quite strange though, is anyone aware if possums have a penchant for red hues? Or is it just my possum?

The phenonemon started during windy August (see my post 'How the time flies' detailing the challenges of craft practice in a windy environment!), just after my birthday. As part of my birthday parcel my lovely mother gave me a great set of a dozen assorted red tea towels - stripes, checks, plain and the like. I gave them all a wash, and really enjoyed watching the line fill with red flags flapping in the breeze (To all those out there who enjoy colour coordination as much as I, I used red pegs too, so the red and red was quite a spectacle). A day or so later I went outside to collect my now-dry towels, only to find most of them off the line and blown to the other end of the balcony - wedged in behind a potplant no less. What extraordinarily strong wind, I thought to myself. I gathered up the tea towels and put them into my next load.

The next day, I went out onto the balcony to collect my dry washing, a mixed load of the tea towels as wellas t-shirts and the like, only to discover that again a selection of items had been blown back into the same corner. On closer inspection I realised that only the red items were in the corner - blue facecloths and green t-shirts were untouched on the line. In fact, even coloured things that hadn't been pegged were still on the line! I pulled out the bundle of fabric from the corner, and discovered three of my new tea towels, a deep red singlet top and a bright pink pair of undies... Then, when pulling out an orange shirt, I saw a little furry nose and two beady eyes - a possum with a very fat belly had made a nest!

Since then I have donated some old red tea towels to Possum, as well as a great orange retro tablecoth (she certainly has taste!). Possum also shredded a potted palm to make a canopy for herself, and I have been rewarded by glimpses of baby. Each morning now, Possum, Baby, my cat and I share tea (me) and apples (Possum, and strangely, Cat) in the Spring sunshine.

I'll be having two stalls in October to celebrate the beautiful weather; my usual Boutique Markets on the second Sunday of the month (10th Oct), and the Milton 'Fair On the Green', hosted by Milton State School (Saturday 23rd). I'm quite excited by the latter, and was very happy to be invited. It looks to be a fantastic day with rides, fair food (bring on the cakes!), music and craft stalls. Hope to see lots of smiling faces there!

I'll leave this (rather long) post with a couple of snaps from the Boutique Markets last month. The lovely Taryn writes a fantastic blog for this, full of lots of great crafty tips and yummy recipes. Check it out here:

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