Thursday, December 2, 2010

Wait, it's December?

I had one of those moments yesterday when I was reminded of just how fast time flies. I saw a moustached friend who was newly bald-faced. My first thought was that he couldn't hack having a mo for the whole of Movember, and had given in to the temptation of the razor. I then realised - shock horror - that it was the 1st of December. The last month of the year. Almost 2011...

How does the time fly past so quickly? When I was little a week would be a lifetime, and I couldn't even fathom the concept of a year.

So many things that seemed to take forever now appear to have lasted only the blink of an eye. Take high school for instance; the anxiety and excitement of first year, the routine of the years that followed, the agonising wait for Graduation Day. Now that I'm a teacher I see my students leave year after year, and think about how they have just ended a major chapter of their lives that in the future will seem like such a distant memory. 2011 is my fifth year at my current school, and I have been hit with the realisation that the cohort that I started with in Year 8 will next year graduate from Year 12. I have been a part of their entire school experience, and yet it has seemed so quick for me.

Enough of this borderline-melancholy reflection and back to the point... 2011 means 2011 ink & whim diaries. Below are some pics of personalised diaries made to order - the fantastic monkey fabric is recycled from the customer's favourite Peter Alexander PJs. Drop me a line if you'd like to see in 2011 ink & whim style!

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