Monday, January 3, 2011

Ah, Thumper.

Ok, this may not be the most visually-pleasing photo that I've posted, but it's so darn cute!

''Cute?" You ask. "It's some grey smudges on an off-white background..."

Yes. But that white background is snow, and those grey smudges are bunny tracks! See the deep shapes where his paws pushed off, and the long lines of his back legs? Imagine his cute bunny nose twitching from the snowflakes and his little fluffy tail bobbing up and down as he makes his way back to his burrow?

I can sense some furrowed brows at my bunny enthusiasm. Perhaps some context is needed here:

One: I am Australian.

Two: Australia is mostly hot and dry (despite the freak weather at the moment). Many Australians have never seen snow. The sight of said snow could turn a tough, rough, beer-swilling Aussie bloke into a little boy who just wet his pants from excitement. Therefore, snow is awesome and magical.

Three: Australians consider rabbits pests. They destroy the land and eat everything in sight. Dogs are trained to hunt them, farmers to shoot them. We have a rabbit-proof fence that stretched for over 3000kms to try to protect untainted wildernesses. It is illegal to keep rabbits as pets in Queensland. As an Australian, and more so, currently residing in Queensland, it is part of my national duty - nay, identity - to hate rabbits.

Four: Which would be easy if the bunnies weren't so darn cute! If you're not convinced, take a moment to reaquaint yourself with Thumper.

So, while I am in the Netherlands, in the beautiful snow, I will embrace my saccharin-sweet feelings and be inspired by bunnies, who are not pests here. Here, the bunnies are the ones from story-books, the ones that inspired Beatrix Potter. Here, they are cute and fluffy, and I can love them without ecological shame.

Expect some illustrations soon.

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  1. Totally just found a vintage Disney's 'Thumper' Little Golden Book at teh Lifeline Bookfest...
    So Cute!