Thursday, January 6, 2011

The bricks here really excite me.

It's an amazing experience vintage shopping, flea marketing and antiques browsing in a city that's over 900 years old (although this is relatively young in European terms). I have gotten some beautiful things here, from hand made and embroidered linens to exquisite decorative telegrams from the start of the 1900s. I also scored a stunning 1950s silk cocktail dress for only 20 euro! Amsterdam vintage, you have been good to me.

Also stunning is the range of things to gawk at. In one antique shop I almost bought a lovely bronze bangle from the Bronze Age!!!

I love walking around Amsterdam and seeing the history oozing from every stone and facade. I have been taking photos of beautiful 13th century churches, a gilded gate from 1381, centuries-old canals... the usual.

Not so usual is taking photos of bricks, however the bricks here really excite me. The photo below is of two types of bricks - where a wall meets the pavement. You can really tell the newer bricks of the two - the brown ones of the wall. Oh, and by the way, these 'newer' bricks form a house proudly stamped with a date stone saying '1712'...

Along with the history and vintage, I've come across a delightful range of fabric and ribbons. These will be lots of fun to turn into journals and cards this year.

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