Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here's a tip...

Tips are great, and are full of treasures. 

Here's a perfect example of what I love about books. A slim, hard-cover book entitled Twenty Poems, by Rupert Brooke, fell into my hands in this week's treasure hunt.  Printed in 1943, the title page is graced by a cameo-style profile portrait of the author, and the volume is filled with, unsurprisingly, twenty poems. The opening lines of the first poem set the tone of the ones that follow:

Breathless we flung us on the windy hill,
Laughed in the sun and kissed the lovely grass.

Rupert Brooke, 'The Hill', 1910

Beautiful, huh?

Better still is the sentiment scrawled on the inside of the cover by who I assume was the original owner, W.R. Costa; just the sort of history that keeps me checking the inside covers of every dusty book I see. Wonderful.

"Like hell it's yours - put it back."

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