Saturday, April 9, 2011

Market Sunday!

New Bookplates!

Looking forward to a beautiful day at the markets tomorrow.  This will be my first market with a cruise ship in dock, and as a result I am really excited.  The ships are just so big - you forget that they are seven stories tall or more!  I bet that the residents of the Portside apartment buildings get a shock every now and then.  Imagine living on the seventh floor and having no neighbours overlooking you, and then suddenly you have a whole deck of happy tourists, complete with cameras!

I've some new things to show off at tomorrow's market too - some of the lovely quotes that I've mentioned before have made it onto a new range of recycled cards.  I've also made up some recycled-paper bookplates to grace the endpapers of your favourite books.

Hope to see lots of smiling faces there!

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