Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A conflict of interests...

I love going to the markets; flea markets, Farmer's markets, craft markets, I'll take them all! I love, especially in these colder months, rugging up in a colourful scarf, digging out the green bags, putting on my explorer persona and going off adventuring.

The day starts in the early morning absence of traffic when I crank my chosen playlist. I wonder if there's a connection between the songs I choose and the finds of the morning? Perhaps on days when I'm tuned into something that has stood the test of time - Paul Simon's excellence on the Graduate soundtrack, for instance - the universe will provide me with a beautiful vintage garment that too has stood the test of time.  I'm still waiting for something worthy of Mrs Robinson's wardrobe, however... Maybe on days when I need a more predatory approach - when I'm looking for a particular 'something' for a particular purpose - I will be helped by a similarly purposeful, epic tune; Riders on the Storm by The Doors will suit nicely.

Oh, and applause to the early-morning market food seller! No, not you, ubiquitous German Sausage vendor!  To the freshly ground organic coffee cart spilling its aromas for miles around. To the cupcake makers whose daintily beautiful labours of love are (almost!) too pretty to eat. To the beautiful Greek goodness at the Davies Park Green and Flea each Saturday, who keep me sane in the horrible months between each year's Paniyiri Festival. I love choosing which delights to have for breakfast, and which to take home for lunch and afternoon tea.

However; I have a confession to make.

As consuming as my passion is for markets, another passion has a greater hold on me.

The weekend sleep-in.

The snuggliness of the doona! The softness of the pillow! The goodness of the little cat curled up next to me! Especially in these colder months...

Thankfully, the folk at Kerbside Bar have come up with a solution. Such incredible ingenuity! An afternoon market! Making both a sleep-in and a marketing adventure possible! Huzzah! 

The Kerbside Lane Markets Facts: Each month, a showcase of great vintage and crafting excellence is held in the (very cool) lane behind the bar off Ann Street. And are you worried about missing out on the German Sausages? Try Kerbside's famous (and free!) sausage sizzle, great tunes, and (for the 18+ crowd) beer.  I'll see you all there - ink & whim goods in tow, of course - this Sunday 5th June from 1pm - 5pm.

Anne Bancroft in The Graduate

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