Sunday, May 8, 2011

Market Sunday!

Another beautiful day at the markets today, made all the better by the rain clouds holding off. I saw so many mother-daughter couples out on a Mother's Day outing, and it was a lot of fun to spot the family resemblances!

Today's crowd was quite a chatty one too, which made the morning fly by. The question that I was mostly asked was what I do with the innards of the vintage books which end up as journals. This paper gets used in many ways. I have framed pages of those with particularly attractive pictures adorning the walls of me, my family and various families around Brisbane. The paper is used as the end pages in some of the journals, or as the covers of some journals.  My favourite use for this paper, however, is bunting. I've previously made bunting to decorate a friend's nursery (vintage sheet music alternated with pink-toned origami paper), and today talked with a bride about creating some vintage book paper bunting for her upcoming wedding.

For more Market Sunday photos, check out the beautiful shots over at the Boutique Markets blog, or on ink & whim's Facebook page.

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