Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wallflowers #2

Goodness I love wallpaper! My apologies for covering a topic already touched on, but it really is one of my favourite things. Something that I'm most upset about is that I don't own my own house and as such can't paper my wall with wallpaper deliciousness.  I love retro bold florals, absolutely covet 1800s vignettes, love the whimsy in modern designs and can't get enough of 1960s and 1970s full wall murals - nature scenes being my favourite!

I've had two standout wallpaper moments recently. One was when watching daytime television. Currently The Golden Girls is being broadcasted, and I thank Channel 9's GEM so much! Not only can I delve into the lives and loves of my favourite retired ladies, but I can be inspired by 1980s glamour and design.  Have you ever noticed the decorations in Blanche's bedroom? Along with carpet and armchairs in many shades of peach, apricot and coral she has the most divine banana leaf wallpaper. Apparently this paper is one of the most famous prints ever - The Martinique - and was designed specifically for the Beverly Hills Hotel in 1942. Imagine getting your hands on a vintage roll of this!

This weekend I also had the pleasure of attending The Junk Bar in Ashgrove - such a very cool place.  Best feature? Well, it was difficult to go past the gorgeous vintage lounges and the stunning tasselled lamps...

Of course, my favourite feature was the wall to ceiling forest wallpaper. It felt like the intimacy and mystery of the forest had entered the bar. So good! And all the better when appreciated with some good friends over a glass of wine.

So how do I express my love for all things wallpaper? Through cards and journals of course! Some of the great vintage buys made last year are making their debut on blank C6 size cards - 100% recycled cardstock of course - and mini journals.  Check out these (and more!) during Reverse Garbage's New Beginnings exhibition May 28 - June 10.

C6 100% Recycled Cards and 10x10cm Mini Journals

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