Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Interesting development readers.

I have become a romantic sap.

I mean, I've always liked romance, and I definitely have watched a few rom-coms in my time.  But lately I've been a bit more involved. Tearing up at the climactic reunion scene.  Smiling stupidly after the first kiss.  Getting all gooey when the Happily Ever After becomes apparent.

This is why I'm so happy to be involved with all things wedding at the moment.  It gives me a beautiful outlet to indulge my soppiness! I have plenty of anticipatory excitement about my sister's wedding this July; helping with the dress, the Bridal Shower and invites, talks about the speeches on the big day, flowers and thank you cards...  It's all so wonderfully romantic, and I'm doing my best to make everything that I do very special for my sister and her fiance.

I was also delighted this weekend to be asked by a lovely couple that I met at this Sunday's market to create a wedding gift for their good friends - an album to record the wishes of guests and photos of the special day.  We selected some beautiful fabric - a recent reprint of an 1800s design - and I have created endpages from some stunning vintage (1910) sheet music.  I can't post photos just yet, just in case I spoil the surprise! I'll be sure to put up some images after the wedding this weekend.

So, I'm off to indulge in my new 'sap' status.  I have borrowed out some chick lit purely for that purpose! Yes, readers; it's that bad...

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