Monday, June 25, 2012


Do you have pieces of fabric 'saved' for something special? Like me, I bet your sewing cupboard has all sorts of wonderful treasures that never see the light of day.

When I was leaving Brisbane for Amsterdam the hardest thing was sorting through my craft room to see what would come with me. I gave myself a limit of two tea chests for shipping, and I had to be ruthless.

Much of the first cull went to good friends who beat the garage-sale rush. The best thing about this is that I get updates on how the fabric is doing - it's been used beautifully in charming dresses for a very special almost-two-year-old - and as such I don't miss it.

Fabric that couldn't be left behind in Australia included that ubiquitous 'special stuff' that, quite frankly, I only remembered I had when the cupboard was cleared. Material that made the trip included the remnants of pink and gold snakeskin pants worn by my mother, a few yards of Blue Willow print cotton that my grandmother used to make her kitchen curtains from when she was first married, some fabulous turquoise and gold print, pictured in the photos below, that I have no idea of its origins, and two fat quarters given to me by a close friend purchased from Etsy when Etsy was still a small start-up and not the online monolith it is today...

When do we actually use these marvellous fabrics though, instead of simply collecting them? Well, avid reader, the answer is now! 2012!

Not that I am starting with big projects, mind you. No, the anxiety of cutting a ten centimetre square from the corner of a metre length already had me reaching for a restorative cuppa. I have started small, recovering a vintage tin pincushion and sewing a new sleep mask. That will do for now!

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