Thursday, July 5, 2012


Oh, how I love buttons! 

I even love the word, 'button'. So cute!

Recently I was given some of Sander's Oma's beautiful old buttons in an even more beautiful old tin. These have been added to the 'collection', and will be used sparingly as they are so special. One has already been used in the recovering of my vintage pincushion, but I'm not sure about the others yet...

In Barcelona we went to an amazing flea market officially called La Fira de Bellcaire, but more commonly known as Mercat Els Encants Vells, or 'The Market of Old Charms'. This is perhaps the best market I have been to in the world. I could wax lyrical about it, however Beatriz on the Oh-Barcelona blog has done such a wonderful job that I'll just post a link to her. At this market there was a stall filled completely with buttons - what looked like a stock lot from pre-1960. So many beautiful buttons!

Can I have them all?

I've also been spending some time doing an Ikea-hack on my Rykene bed to create a padded bedhead, and of course a true padded bedhead needs buttons. I couldn't find any in Oma's button boxes that were large enough (or that I could bring myself to use!) and so got some fabulous tiger-wood ones at my craft store. My crafty job for today is to attach them - no mean feat as I'll need to sew through some plywood holes and four inches of foam. I'll keep you posted!

Wooden buttons for a woodcarver's bed, natch!

Are you itching to get button-happy too? Here's some projects from around the net to get you started. I've added these to my 'to do' list also!

1. These sweet button flower brooches:
Button Flower Tutorial from Artsy Crafty Babe
I think that this would be a good way to feature a 'special' button, perhaps as the centre of the flower? I know that my sister would love one of these using some of our grandmother's buttons. I already used some mother-of-pearl ones on her bridal shower invitations.

2. And these ADORABLE button bouquets from Bella Dia:
Button Bouquets from Bella Dia
I just love her style, and her blog is well-worth a look, if just for a burst of colour on a rainy day. Her blog is full of crafty tutorials, including great stuff for both novices and the more seasoned crafter. Search her blog for many more great button ideas.

And finally, this little bit of inspiration. After all, beautiful buttons need a beautiful home, hey?
Kits available! Virginia Robertson Designs

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