Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Great Debate

There has been a little bit of conflict in our happy house recently. Nothing major, just a little bit of tension simmering under the surface. Both Sander and I LOVE vintage furniture pieces, and both have a strong history of rescuing and re-using abandoned furniture. Trouble is, I have always gone down the 'reinvent with a coat of paint' path and Sander is a devout traditionalist - the 'restore to its original glory' path - by stripping and sanding and bringing the piece back to the beautiful wood it was first made with.

For certain items we have found the decision has been a no-brainer. The amazing Kodawood Clam Chair that he's currently working on needs to be brought back to its original beauty - it's an amazing find - whereas other 'no-name' pieces I would dearly love to attack with a can of coloured spray paint and some vintage wallpaper, and see their beautiful lines in an altogether new way. Three spindle-backed, battered and bruised dining chairs that belonged to his Oma are currently in a Mexican standoff (the original vinyl seats may be recovered, but I can't use a lick of high-gloss white paint to have them become the dreamy bedroom chairs that match my dreamy white netting curtains...).

For now, we have agreed to disagree, and whomever finds the item usually has the say on what is to be done with it.

The chips fell my way, however, with a remarkable trash find the other day. A gorgeous vintage coat rack, in the bin near Sander's workshop like a common piece of trash! And do you know the best part? This is the second one that we have found! Which means, dear reader, that we have one each! One for Sander to sand and buff and lacquer-up to make it look "as authentic as possible" (his words), and one for me to paint. Sunshine yellow, anyone? Or maybe a deep teal to match the eventual colour of our hall door. I'll keep you posted on the progress of both, and which one gets installed in the hallway and which gets put up for sale!

Where do you stand? Are you a fervent restorer (subbing to the Church of Wood like Sander!), or paint-happy? Or do you stand like me in the middle, waiting for each item to show it's own way to you? I'd also love to see your before and after shots.

Some other updates:
I was all set to post pictures of my IKEA bed-head hack tonight, however it seems that sewing puckers into a padded headboard is not a fibro-friendly activity, and as such I need to wait for my Dutchman's strong hands to finish it up.

Looking for a pretty pic of 'painted vintage furniture' for this post led me to an interesting find on Google Images; an old blog called The Vintage Chair. The pictures that caught my eye, however, were for painted pumps. Divine hand-painted shoes! Well, if there's something that I like just as much a vintage furniture, it has to be vintage shoes! Enjoy!

Painted Pumps by Scholarly Articles, available on Etsy, as seen on The Vintage Chair blog.

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