Monday, August 6, 2012

ATM, I am inspired by...

Pip Lincolne: Her blog, Meet Me At Mikes, the way that she has carved out a niche in terms of being creative with a keen business sense, the joy de vivre that comes across in each of her communications.

Cassie Di Pasquale: Whose honesty in her blog Cassie Nguyen Is Homing makes me sail along on adventures with her. Who always resonates with such beauty - in her manner, dedication and achievements, and who I am so very proud to call one of my best friends.

Michael Turrisi: The best husband a girl could wish for her sister. Brave, loving and humble, he quickly adapted to a whole family of in-laws addressing him as Mickey-T.

Kristen Devitt: Each to Own as a little table across from mine at the Kerbside Markets a year ago, to having over 1600 likers on Facebook just over a year later. Her personal touch which makes you want to support her, the grace and humour of her life/wife/mother adventures.

Anna Keenan: Dedicated to climate-change activism, that and everything else in her life is approached with ferocious joy and intensity. I get tired just from watching her, however her passion is unstoppable, and I am reminded that passion makes the world go 'round.

Little Girl: My cat is awesome.

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