Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Today, I am looking at cool things to buy online during the day, which seems to give me a little more self-control. I'm not sure what it is, but when it's dark, and my Dutchman has already gone to bed, and it's just me, the Mac and my Visa debit, it gets dangerous. I'm not very good at making rational decisions in such circumstances.

We have talked before about how much I love my cat. I would not dress up my cat (she rejected such fun when she was just a teenager), and she's not all that fond of cat-toys (except one very strange pink knitted clown...), and I can't spoil her with catnip because her come-down is a little too Trainspotting. Something that she cannot get enough of, however, is boxes. She LOVES boxes. I don't have any footage of her in a box, so I will substitute with footage of my second-favourite cat, Maru:

It is difficult to keep Little Girl in boxes, as a box is not a very attractive thing to have around the house.   I've dressed them up with ribbons, or tinsel for the Christmas edition, but they're pretty ugly. They are also a transient thing - I don't always buy a new microwave or take home my groceries in a box, so her opportunities are few and far between.

Enter Fab, their daily newsletter and a great little brand called SUCK UK. Today in Fab's newsletter I was made aware of this little beauty. Oh goodness. The cutest box-playhouse ever. And it's on sale...

More available at SUCK UK through Fab. They have a fire engine too.

So, is this a dangerous purchase? Is this a buy that I will regret? Shall I unleash the Visa-debit demon?

P.S. Maru has a Facebook page - here.

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