Thursday, August 2, 2012

Don't judge a book...

I've often written about my love of reading, my love of the physical attributes of books, the history of a book and my love of vintage book design.

This post by Sunny Chanel on what her six-year-old daughter thinks of classic books based on their cover art is just great. How important design is! And how hilarious - and illuminating - a six-year-old's take on visual information can be! My favourite is her take on Wuthering Heights. Note to self: six-year-olds think trees are boring...

Here's a taster (direct from the blog):


The Great Gatsby
"I think it's a book about a haunted theme park and it stars a magical magic guy and he's good and evil and he's trying to get rid of the ghosts. And I think at the end, since it's haunted by a ghost, he tried to make the park go on fire and it did. "

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