Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ella Riemersma

I have just discovered the most beautiful Dutch illustrator - Ella Riemersma.  Her work encapsulates all of my favourites when it comes to illustration. The style which most speaks to me in art comes from The Golden Age of Illustration, and her work, although decades after this period, heralds back to this classic and magical style. Being a 1920s artist also means that her work has strong Art Deco influence - so stylish and chic - and the two actually sit very comfortably together. Last but not least, the illustrations that feature Dutch traditional scenes show such charm and naiveté, and make my heart pang for my new country. Thank you, Ella Riemersma! Images from the book De art deco van Ella Riemersma, found here.

You can also buy lovely Ella Riemersma postcard-sized prints through Art Unlimited here. Only €0.90!

And wasn't she beautiful!

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