Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Birds

I like birds, but I don't have a thing for them, if you get me. I'm not a 'bird person' as one might be a 'horse person' or a 'hippopotamus person' (yes, I actually know a 'hippo person'). My childhood pet-name from my mother was Little Bird, but named as such for the way I reached my mouth for food rather than an affinity for feathered things, and my ink & whim logo is a bird, but all of these have been coincidences. Or so I thought.

I have a lot of jewellery. I'm known for it, and friends were quite excited to get the cast-offs in the Great Migratory cull (wait - that was a completely accidental bird reference!). Lately I have been trying to circulate what I wear, as I have so many pretty, pretty things, but, like all of us, tend to fall back on the 'tried and true' rather than varying my wardrobe.  So, I have been looking at my jewellery more lately when getting dressed. And just realised that I have a lot of birds here. A lot.

There's the beautiful 1930's swallow necklace that my Dutchman bought for my birthday, a darling Each To Own wooden brooch,  a broken marquisette brooch from my Great Aunt awaiting repair,some random hand-made green glass chickens,  and quite a few owls. Not to mention all of the feathered jewellery I have collected recently...

So, what has happened? Have I become a 'bird person'? Look around your house and dressing table - has a 'collection' of items snuck up on you? I'd love to hear that I'm not alone!

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