Friday, November 30, 2012

I did it again!

I did it again! I used some of my "special" fabric (remember my reluctance?)!  This time I've used it to make a new 2013 Agenda (what the Dutch call diaries). I love this turquoise and gold fabric, and I specially selected extra-pretty pages from my 1800s copy of Don Quixote to match the prettiness of the fabric. I've used a professional agenda insert, week to an opening, with a blank page to the left of every week for extra scribbled notes - I find it impossible to stay within the little boxes for each day, however generous its size! The diary is finished with a matching turquoise-ribbon place holder, which of course I forgot to attach before I took the photos...

This diary is about A5 in size, and I'm really happy to custom make them with fabric of your choosing. Prices start from €25 each, or €40 for A4 size (which can contain all sorts of personalised pages if you wish, like this one made for a previous customer).  Only €25? Why that's just 0.068 cents per day! Bargain!

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