Thursday, November 15, 2012

This will NOT become a wedding blog...

Or maybe it'll become a little bit of a wedding blog. After all, I am getting married!

Yes, my Dutchman and I are now engaged, and my thoughts have turned to the awesome DIY wedding that we are planning for next year. Over the year you can expect some posts documenting the little projects that we do, from venue decoration to cake decoration.  First up is the engagement party, however, and I have LOVED making invites for this. I love making any sort of invites, actually... (hint hint, I'm available to make yours!). I decided to make two: a paper version for the family dinner and then a digital version for the drinks and dancing with friends afterwards. Bonus - same venue!

The only difficulty I found was how to limit the amount of ideas I have had! Usually when I work with a client I start from a brief, and then we discuss and grow the concept from there. For our own invites we can have anything we want! And, of course, the engagement invites should be stylistically linked to the wedding invites, which should be stylistically linked to the venue decorations, which means that I have to make decisions about venue decorations already. Aagh!

One thing that we wanted to include was map paper. After all, our love story is nothing if not an international one! I found a great 1971 atlas in a second-hand book shop around the corner to fulfill this need. The atlas pages will be making an appearance on the invites, on the favours, and on some pretty wedding bunting.  The paper here is great quality, and quite shiny, which gives a beautiful extra dimension to the texture of the invites. So, first design idea sorted.

Oh, and for all those other book-lovers out there, I went into the shop and talked directly to the owner, asking for a damaged book that wasn't very important so that I could cut it up. She found me one with a broken spine, and charmingly reassured me that all of the political borders have changed since 1971 so the atlas wasn't relevant anyway :-)

Then came colour choices. For me this was a no-brainer. White, white, white! Which goes beautifully with the colours of the atlas. And I had some lovely white linen-look cardstock that will tie in beautifully with the vintage linen/tablecloths I plan to use at the venue. Because when else do you get an excuse to pick up all of those gorgeous hand-embroidered nanna tablecloths we always covet? I love having a license to shop!

We also decided on lace (Sander wasn't so keen, but I persisted given my current dress ideas) and wood (duh, I'm marrying a woodcarver!) as our last two motifs, but these won't make an appearance until the big invites. After all, engagement invites are meant to be less fancy than the actual wedding invites. I'm excited about all of this coming together!

So, here they are. Apologies for the blurred bits, but I've attended a few cyber-safety seminars and know that I am vulnerable to stalkers :-P. Apologies too for the shiny bits on the photos; I actually forgot to take any pics, and had to open up a sealed envelope and take some quick pics before dropping them in the mail! Aunt Olga, that's why yours has sticky-tape on the back of the envelope...

White linen-textured cardstock, vintage atlas,
raised shiny photo of Us Truly!
Close up of the linen texture, and of the raised photograph  
Mixture of script and sans-serif font styles
Close-up of heart punch detail.  Naw.

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