Saturday, December 1, 2012

A is for A New Challenge

Ok, so I know that I'm cheating a little on the very first one, but I'm honestly so keen about this A Month of A to Z posting project that it is only right that my first post, on December 1st, introduce you all to the challenge idea. Who knows, maybe you'll want to join in?

This is the first time I've ever attempted a daily blogging/tweeting/instagram project. Have you done any in the past? What has been your favourite? I love looking at the 'Photo a Day' self-portrait  ones, and then that leads me to the fantastic Once a Year family shots. DEFINITELY going to be doing that once we're married. Maybe that'd be a great wedding anniversary tradition to begin? I diverge...

These daily posting challenges are great ways for staying motivated with blogging, and for taking on new ways of reflecting on the world. I'm using this as an opportunity to kick-start myself on Instagram. I know, shock horror - I'm a blogger who doesn't have an Instragram account! We're a rare breed.  And I'm helping us to become extinct by signing myself up purely for this project. Find me under the name littleniss.

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