Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Month of A to ... F!

I've been playing along with the A Month of A to Z challenge. Have you joined up? So far all of my posts have been through Instagram, so here's a little recap for those that don't follow that particular fad.

My apologies for having absolutely no consistency to my Instagram effects or frames. I'm still experimenting with the entire (free version) range!

B is for Basket.
A basket of goodies heading to the Sunday Market.

C is for Chocolate.
I love that Sinterklaas here is celebrated with chocolate, Easter-style.
Why does hollow chocolate always taste better?

D is for Draft.
I'm currently working on an illustrated certificate for the
Growing Air Foundation, acknowledging tree planting.
I'm thinking some field mice scampering along the frame...

E is for Empty Trees and an Empty Bird Nest.
Yep, winter is definitely here!

F is for Fur-baby.
I really can't stand the word 'fur-baby', but I do love my little cat.

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