Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Accidental Hiatus!

I did it again - I didn't realise just how long I was away for and now a month has gone by without any blogging. Sorry! 

It really turned into the silly season over in my neck of the woods, despite not having the yearly trek from relative to relative on Christmas Day (excused because of the distance from NL to Oz), and despite not having to do a lot of Christmas shopping (excused because of the ridiculous postage costs from NL to Oz), and despite a lack of Christmas parties to attend (it's not really as big a 'thing' here in The Netherlands, which makes me a little sad). Despite all of this, I was still flat out!

December saw a great day at the Sunday Market, a two week visit from my bestie from Canada, our engagement party (which was great but we forgot to take any photos...), Christmas, my Dutchman's mother's birthday on Christmas Day, a five day visit from another friend, her brother and his girlfriend and the requisite sightseeing that goes along, trying to maintain my A Month of A to Z challenge and a couple of big FMS flare-ups. All lots of fun (except the flare-ups), but Phew! No wonder I've been in hibernation mode for January so far!

For those playing at home, my A to Z summary is as follows. Yes, I'm missing quite a few letters...


G is for Grammar.
Bleh. Spending two hours teaching grammar to an ESL student isn't fun, but it meant that I had some cash to see a hairdresser about my re-Growth. No photos for these ones - grammar isn't very photogenic and neither was my hair!

I is for Ink and Whim, my little endeavour, and I can't believe it took me 3 days to think of it! 

K is for Kan't Spell. 
An interesting take on 'Walters', don't you think?

L is for Love. 
Engagement Party!

M is for Music. 
Seeing the Cat Empire in my new home town. Still the best live band I've ever seen.

P is for Paperwork. 
Being an expat is paper-work laden :-(

T is for Tea. 
Much needed after Christmas shopping in the cold!

V is for Village. 
Great little village under my godmother's Christmas tree. It grows every year!

W is for Windmills and Wooden Shoes! 
Amazing museum just north of Amsterdam. 

Z is for ZZZZZZ - post-Christmas nap, here I come!

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