Thursday, January 24, 2013


A nice thing about hibernating, especially in the freezing Dutch winter, is the little efforts that go into making our house cosy. I'm enjoying looking for new throws to snuggle in on the couch, and I really like making the bed with our big fluffy doona and fresh white sheets. Little Girl likes both of these too, and there's often a cat-sized lump under either blanket.

We've also been scouting around in our local op-shops (called kringloopwinkels here - how cute!) looking for a nice coffee table. So far this has been unsuccessful, but Saturdays spent in this way are really lovely. And it hasn't been a completely fruitless time, as I did find the cutest critter. Enjoy my little bunny photo below!

It's really nice putting my physical and creative energy into our home. I think I'll keep my attention focused on this for a little while yet.

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