Friday, April 19, 2013

I went to Iceland

Last week, for my bestie's elopement.

The wedding was beautiful. They are a gorgeous couple and their love for each other is a joy to be around. Iceland itself is stunning; such a magnificent and alien landscape that is representing itself beautifully in my snaps of the day. I had lots of fun making the paper-rose bouquet for my lovely friend too.

My official roles for the trip were Maid of Honour, Head Crafter, Photographer and Hair Doer, with a side of Excited Tourist. The roles I ended up taking on, however, included Nurse and Defender of the Bride and Groom's Special Day, with a side of Terrified Passenger.

Oh... did I mention that our 4WD got caught in a blizzard and white-out atop a remote mountain pass and nearly slid off the cliff after losing traction on the ice after stopping to dig a Mazda out of a fallen snowbank where the wind was so strong it blew members of our party along the road when they got out to help and they had to drag themselves back into the car by using first the wheel arches and then our arms as ropes? Except, of course, for the arms of the groom who had split open his palms from chasing down a car to get directions after the GPS failed and no-one had roaming data signal and the map was left behind in Reykjavik and who had been applying pressure for half an hour to stop the bleeding that hadn't stopped and who, as I administered first aid in the back seat MacGuyver-style, I convinced didn't need stitches although he probably did because where were we going to get stitches done on a remote mountain in Iceland?

Oh... did I mention that this all happened on the day of the wedding? Exactly three hours before the ceremony, in fact?

It's probably best to focus on the good bits. Like how we didn't fall off the cliff, and how we didn't get frostbite, and how sweet the ceremony was (despite - or, perhaps, because of - the eccentric Icelandic priest that reminded us of an eccentric Transylvanian vampire), and how beautiful the bride was (after a shot of Fireball* to calm her nerves), and how proud the groom was of his bad-ass bandages and stunning new wife (after we taped the deepest of the cuts with the hotel's first aid supplies, and prescribed some Fireball to calm his nerves).

And, of course, we can focus on how the paper-rose bouquet survived the storm. Smiley face.

Here are a few pics of the momentous event. Plenty more to come after I've done some editing. And after, of course, a shot of Fireball to calm my nerves...

Looking forward to hearing your comments on this one!

*Do you not know what Fireball is? Cinnamon whiskey. So very good.


  1. What a day, hey!

    1. I'll say! Or, as the bride said, "It was the best and worst day of my life"!