Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little Girl Dreams

This year, with both my and my bestie's weddings happening, we have been getting some interest from lovely readers like you in the things we have created for our own special days. So... welcome to ink & whim's newest venture with the lovely Amanda: Little Girl Dreams. Here we are going to focus specifically on the beautiful things of our childhood dreams. Remember that glamourous feeling from dressing up in your mother's jewellery? The drawings we'd do of the princess dresses (complete with princess crowns!) that we'd wear on our wedding day? The loveliness of old photos of our grandmothers dressed in their finest, smiling proudly into the lens? That is what we are creating here.

Everything in this new range is something that we covet ourselves - romance on our wedding day, a bit of vintage bling, shimmering hues and glamourous verve. Everything we dreamed of as Little Girls.

Etsy store coming soon, but for now, check out the new page by clicking the tab above or the link below.

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