Thursday, June 20, 2013

Humming along

Lately I have been listening to a lot of music as I create. Different music helps me to 'get in the zone' and focus, and I also use it as a time marker. One album approximately equals one hour, and signals that I need to stretch and change positions. After two albums it's time for a cuppa! Last week I even gave an invoice to a friend for sewing services in albums - it took me about five albums to do (Moonfire by Boy and Bear, He Will Have His Way, a compilation of Neil and Tim Finn covers, Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons, and then numbers 1 to 30 of the Triple J Hottest 100 of the past 20 years - aka the soundtrack of my youth) and so that averaged to be about 5 hours work. 

Spotify has really revolutionised my music listening. Now any music itch can be scratched - including my Best Of the Police and Sting need two weeks ago - without buying an entire album. I love compilations, so the playlist option is fantastic here too. I haven't gotten into 'following' my friend's music so much yet, but I'm very open to it once I've scratched all my old itches.  I'm loving Spotify so much now that I'm even considering getting a premium subscription! I've never bought a subscription online, so this is a big step.

Today's soundtrack is Neil Young's Harvest. I first heard this album on the original vinyl, and the buzzing, scratching and almost purring quality of the needle on the disk really added to the experience. I fell in love immediately.  I'm not sure what's top of my sewing and making list today, and this album suits my mood perfectly. Together, Neil and I will cruise through the day, picking up little jobs here and there and making it up as we go. 

What's your go-to music for creating? Is it, like me, quite different from your cleaning music (Best of the Doors, The Cat Empire's Two Shoes), and your relaxing music (nap time - Angus and Julia Stone's Down The Way, Nora Jones' Come Away With Me)? I'd love to hear about (and then hear!) your inspiring, energising and relaxing tunes.

I wasn't sure what image to include for this post - and then I remembered
 this one: a wedding album I made featuring manuscript paper, the photos
 of which I never got around to posting. 
An album picture for a post about albums! Nice.
See another custom album here.

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