Friday, June 28, 2013

Meet Ruby

Two and a half years ago I started a fantastic journey that led to a new life, new love and renewed pursuit of the creative. 

Meet Ruby, the butterfly mural I was painting when I met my Dutchman in January 2011. It's the end of an era as her custodians leave their wall behind for a new continent, but hopefully Ruby will live on with the next tenants!

Thank you (and copyright) Robert van Waarden Photography - Climate, Travel, Editorial for the photo. And the wall to paint on 

My friends Anna and Robert, previous custodians of the wall and commissioners of Ruby, wrote a beautiful letter to the next tenants and have tacked it next to Ruby for them to find when they move in. They negotiated with the agent to give the prospective tenant the choice of whether to keep her or not. To do this, the agent made a special exception to their normal rule that walls should be painted in neutral colours when renters move out. So lovely, and I hope that she gets to stay!

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