Sunday, October 20, 2013

All of the pretty things. All Of Them.

It was always going to be hard deciding what I wanted to my wedding accessories to be. I LOVE accessories. I wanted some bling, some feathers, some Art Deco, some COLOUR! and something special. In short, I wanted All Of The Pretty Things.

Back in February I won the most beautiful pair of Art Deco designed earring from my favourite store in Sydney, Trésors. Trésors specialises in vintage and antique original and inspired jewellery, and actually provided many of the jewels seen in Baz Lurhman's The Great Gatsby. I've coveted Trésor's items forever, popping in to drool and admire whenever I was in Sydney and pinning my little head off online when I moved overseas. Imagine my delight when I won a stunning pair of earrings as part of their Valentine's promotion! My entry was chosen for "Most Romantic Story". What story did I tell? The one where I met and fell in love with my Dutchman, of course!

My INCREDIBLE Trésors' earrings.
Sterling silver, marcasite and mother-of-pearl.
AKA: Heaven on a stick.

Once I had my earrings, I started to think about what to wear in my hair. I never wanted to wear a veil, and while a tiara is pretty tempting, I decided to go with a little blingy feathery head thingy. I have been making quite a few of these lately, for friends and clients, so I was excited to make my own.

For the centerpiece I dug out my box of "special things" and had a rummage. I had a foggy memory of an antique marcasite swallow brooch that my Great-Aunt Beryl had left me, and I was hoping that it made it to Holland instead of being stored back in Brisbane after the big move. I found it, but it was more damaged than I remembered. Luckily I was marrying someone very handy, who filed off the broken parts and shined it up all nice. Then was banished from the room so that he didn't see what I did with it!

My Aunty Beryl's swallow brooch,
battered and bruised pre-makeover.
Still gorgeous.

At this point I was thinking a lot about the "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" tradition, and decided to look for a pair of great blue shoes. Then I would put some blue feathers with the brooch in the hairpiece and voila! Sorted.

Until I fell in love with a pair of purple shoes a week before the wedding. That were on sale for only €29,90.

Clearly not blue.
Still gorgeous.

I was nothing if not a flexible bride, and so bought some €2 blue nail polish for my toes, ordered some purple feathers online and plucked a great black-and-white polka dot feather from the cat's toy (something 'borrowed'!). Finished hair-prettiness below. I want to wear it EVERYDAY! I'm also really inspired to make more beautiful hair bits and bobs. And other Very Pretty Things.

The finished product. Credit to my lovely friend Katy for doing my hair,
and to the fantastic Jasper for his photography.

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