Wednesday, October 16, 2013

We got married!

Hello Blogland!

I write to you from the first few weeks of wedded bliss. My Dutchman and I got married!

It was ah-mazing. So special, beautiful, and - quite funnily enough - calm! My mother and my sister were worried as I wasn't being a nervous and touchy bride in the lead-up (or, heaven help us, a Bridezilla!), and only on the night before did I start to get really excited. The reason for this was that I felt so totally content that extremes of emotion couldn't touch me. Everything was just so right. *sigh*

In the next few posts I'll update you all on the day, the decorations, my hair and all the little DIY touches involved (oh, and the DELICIOUS cake!), complete with pretty pictures from the professional photographer, but for now here's a couple of happy snaps from guests.

Love (I'm so full of it that I've got plenty to share!),

Nissa Opdam

Thank you Tjallie for your beautiful picture!

Thanks Pa Opdam for your happy snap!

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