Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Just a little housekeeping

I've made a few changes to the ink & whim page in order to streamline the content a bit - I hope that you like it! I'll probably do a few more tweaks in the next couple of weeks as I get used to the new design.  For now, I'd love to know your thoughts on good web design. What attracts you to a website? What annoys you? And what do you particularly like about reading blogs?  Don't be shy - comment below!


  1. I don't like sound files automatically playing when I enter a website! Oh wait. You don't have that.

    Good job on the website then!

    1. Thanks Sander! It's a good thing you mentioned that. I was going to have "Wrecking Ball" play as my theme song, but I'll scrap that idea now :-)