Monday, December 2, 2013

Insomniac Crafting

I've had insomnia for years, and it can be an incredibly frustrating thing. Most nights I lay awake listening to music on my SleepPhones (headphones that are comfortable to sleep in), or I read. Sometimes I get up and clean, but my favourite is when I have the energy to get up and craft.

Crafting in a low-light, sleepy state is a risky business. Colours that seemed to match by the glow of the table lamp can be hideously clashing in the morning. Similarly, neat little stitches or precise dabs of glue are less-than-invisible by the cold light of day! Sometimes, however, that idea that forms in your wakefulness when lying in bed actually works out wonderfully when you stumble to your craft closet at 2am and try to unpack your supplies without waking your husband...

Last week I did some Christmas insomniac crafting. I wanted to upcycle some fabric left over from a men's business-shirt hack (post to follow), and some others, and I've still got birds on the brain since the wedding. So here are my little Shabby-sleep Christmas Birds. I was pleasantly surprised when I got up the next morning afternoon to find that they were quite pretty! Each bird has a different print on each side. The bells were particularly noisy, so I only attached one set in the middle of the night! The rest have bells on them now too.

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