Thursday, December 12, 2013

Taking Stock

The lovely Pip from Meet Me At Mikes (what, you don't know Pip?! That's terrible! You MUST go to her blog IMMEDIATELY and introduce yourself!) does this wonderful thing every now and then called Taking Stock. Basically, it's a list of feelings, thoughts and goals and is a great way to, well, take stock of where you sit right now. I'm very busy with Christmassing at the moment, even though as a holiday it isn't huge in The Netherlands, and my overwhelmed brain can certainly use a good list right now. So, here's my Taking Stock list, December 2013 Edition.

Thanks, Pip, for the fantastic list, and for just being generally awesome. I love your chatty, crafty and good blog, and am happy to have you in my life!

Making: decorations and e-flyers for our dance school's Christmas party. Paper snowflakes, anyone?
Cooking: barely anything! Too busy for anything special, but big plans for our traditional Christmas dinner next week. Can't wait for Roast Lamb and Rum Balls! 
Drinking: hot soy milk Milo, with a shot of Baileys at night. It's impostor Milo from Singapore as I can't get real Aussie milo over here. Oh, and I paid €6,50 for the tin :-(
Reading: Dutch recipe magazines. Learning Dutch with my belly!
Wanting: My wonderful Australian GP. I'm having difficulties with the health care here, and the bureaucracy associated with it.
Looking: At the skies, waiting for the first snow!
Playing: classic Christmas song playlists on YouTube. I just love Dean Martin's Let it Snow.
Deciding: on what to buy my Secret Santa recipients...
Wishing: all of you a Merry Christmas! Personally, I don't really have any wishes. I'm pretty bloody happy right now.
Enjoying: the Christmas build-up. It's not celebrated in my Dutchman's family or friendship circle (intact, December 25 is my mother-in-law's birthday), so I'm totally in control of how much Christmas I "do". So far I'm hosting three Christmas dinners (one for 13 people!), and co-planning a party for over 100. Loving it!
Waiting: For my Dutchman to finish work. Lots of late-night jobs in the festive season :-(
Liking: Genuinely Stoked Goats 
Wondering: what is in the present already waiting for me under the tree.
Loving: my renewed interest in sewing and upcycling clothes. It's lovely to be so inspired again.
Pondering: how to rearrange our lounge room to make it feel fresh again. And if I can fit a table for 13 in here for our Christmas dinner...
Considering: What to do for New Years?
Watching: ElementaryLove this show!
Hoping: to take some time this winter to visit some of the amazing museums and galleries in my adopted city. I haven't been to nearly enough in my two years here.
Marvelling: at Lil Bub's great progress with her health. Don't know Lil Bub? Goodness! Get some cute NOW.
Needing: more hugs and chocolate as the days get shorter and the sun sits lower in the sky. 
Smelling: fresh pine from our real Christmas tree, purchased and decorated this week.
Wearing: Layers. Lots and lots of layers :-/
Following: all of my friends on Facebook so that I don't miss their posts in my newsfeed. Silly Facebook updates choosing what I see!
Noticing: how many differences there really are between Dutch and Australian lifestyles. Although they look quite similar - and 'western' - on the surface, there are moments of real frustration in my expat life where I think, "They're so Dutch!" (see Wanting: my Aussie GP, above).
Knowing: that I'm loved, appreciated and supported. 
Thinking: about goals for the New Year.
Admiring: my gorgeous friend Kate in her wedding dress, picked out last week!
Buying: Touch-screen gloves. Last winter I controlled my smartphone with my nose so I didn't have to take off my gloves...
Getting: cold. Time to put on another layer.
Bookmarking: Glossary of Dart Terminology. Random, but it's for an art project.
Opening: another tab on my internet browser. Eleven at the moment, all being used! Crazy.
Giggling: At the bookmark that I just saw my Dutchman has added - He's a bit obsessed with vintage hand tools at the moment, which is super cute. It's also really handy as he is always wanting to go to flea markets now!
Feeling: Content *sigh*

SwingStreet Christmas Party!

Want to do your own list? Grab a blank one from Pip, here.

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