Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Housekeeping

I'm loving being a housewife. It's part of the new feminism, I think - one can unashamedly say that tending to the home, husband and family is a goal and a worthwhile occupation. If that is what the woman wants to do, of course.  And I do. Being disabled, I have had a lot of time to think about my priorities in life, and what I would do if I had the energy and physical ability of my peers. The answer came through pretty clearly to me: I would do exactly what I am currently doing, just more of it. I love making my house a home, and helping others doing the same. I get excited about trying out new recipes and feeding my Dutchman until his stomach is bursting (not an easy task seeing how huge he is!). I love sewing, and crafting, and doing artsy things, and reading, and having local adventures at markets. I really feel VERY blessed to be able to live the life that I do, and if the trade-off is having to sleep for a few hours each afternoon to recover from grocery shopping, or hibernating for the week in order to get over a big weekend, then that's okay with me.

The Glorious Pile.

Hmm - that was an interesting way to introduce what I really wanted to show you all today, which is the cute vintage-inspired apron that I made for a friend this week!  Lovely Anna, who got married in France last year, found a great lot of vintage sheets and doona covers to turn into tablecloths for the reception. The bright florals, mixed with pretty wildflowers in jars and wine bottles (very authentic, seeing as the farm only had jars and wine bottles available for vases, and the nearest florist was in Woop Woop, so the flowers came from the surrounding land) were just gorgeous to look at, and so appropriate for Anna and Robert's love story (bloody hippies ;-) ). And, seeing as they were moving continents directly after their wedding celebrations, I got to take the fabulous fabric home.

Simple pleats for a gathered waist (no ironing for me!)

This week Anna was visiting, so I presented her with a keepsake - a vintage-inspried apron made from her wedding linens. Anna and her mother (hi Arlene!) had also previously given me a big sack of her grandmother's buttons, so I put two of these on to really up the sentimentality. Housewife FTW!

My Dutchman thinks that my
drawing upside-down looks like a robot.

Tada! And, I need glasses. This picture didn't
 look blurry on the camera's little screen...


  1. Replies
    1. Ta! Special ingredients to commemorate a special day xo

  2. How is it that fabric has such an ability to strike so many emotional responses? Is it because it is so approachable? You have succeeded so well in giving expression to your caring. Lovely.

    1. Thank you! I really like your phrase "giving expression to your caring" - it is what so much of my arting and crafting is about, and it is wonderful to have that sentiment articulated in words.