Friday, February 14, 2014


I get very excited about jar projects. My pinterest board is filled with creative jar upcycling, and I have a folder named "Jars" on my computer full of saved webpage projects.

That last sentence should give you a bit of insight into the length of my jar affection - clearly the folder pre-dates pinterest. You'd think my house would be filled with creative jars as button containers, mini sewing kits complete with pin-cushion lids and pretty windowsill herb pots. No, dear reader. My house is instead filled with old jars. Clean, empty, and un-crafted. Unfortunately my enthusiasm for jar projects does not stretch to doing the necessary preparation to totally remove label residue and stickiness. After their first soak to remove the paper my jars sit forlornly under the sink waiting for some elbow grease and eucalyptus oil to scrub away the old glue. And that part is just not fun.

It's a goal, however. One day...

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