Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Birds and the Bees

We all know about the bird obsession that snuck up on me, but now I'm coveting a different flying fancy - bees. Again, my obsession isn't for the real deal, but instead for beautiful bee imagery. I'm spending a stupid amount of time on ebay and marktplaats (the Dutch version) looking at gorgeous vintage bee brooches, art deco bee prints and everything else bee-related. I'm going to be doing some bee-eautiful (sorry, couldn't resist!) head piece creating with my bee brooches, as soon as I get a few of my other projects out of the way first. Very excited to start!

I don't like the wasps, though. They're creepy.

One of the vintage brooches I have nabbed recently.
Many, many more are on my 'watch list'...

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