Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I'm inspired again.

I'm inspired again: Art Journalling. I've been talking about it with a student and thinking about getting back into it.  Art journalling was the best part of being an art student for me, hands down. I still have my journals from my first year of uni.

Check out this lovely (digital) image. It's just one of the ten thousand links I've bookmarked.

Donna B. Miller

Another one that I saved was one that said "I really need to stop pinning and start creating". So true! However, I'm struggling for time at the moment as I'm chockablock full of other lovely, creative projects, and then my husband and I go on our honeymoon in two weeks. 

It's a fabulous problem to have: I'm too busy to put into practice my new creative ideas because I'm spending all of my time on other creative projects that have earlier deadlines. And planning a tropical holiday.  Ah, it's a problem I'll happily have any day!

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