Friday, June 6, 2014

Busy bee!

I'm sorry I've been absent lately. It's certainly not because I'm not creating - more so that I've been so busy that I've not been writing about it!

The few big projects that have been taking my time are all just finishing; designing invitations for a friend's wedding, event decoration for this year's Smokey Feet Lindy Hop festival, reproducing for another friend a favourite dress that is long gone from store shelves, as well as graphic design for a children's book (this one is super exciting!). But still my brain is overwhelmed with projects that I really, really want to do! I have to avoid Pinterest at all costs because I seriously cannot handle any more inspiration!

I had a spare half hour yesterday and seized the time to realise a Pinterest project that has been haunting me for over a year now. Remember my collection of jars? Well one has finally been transformed. I made a few compromises here - firstly, although I wanted a bright pastel lid, I only had white paint on hand, and the little giraffe actually belongs to my Dutchman and wasn't originally destined for upcycling... The conditions weren't exactly the best for spray painting yesterday either: a fierce wind was determined to shower the wet paint with dust and debris,  and I had exactly 20cm of dry space on my balcony for painting seeing as the wind also brought a few buckets of summer rain. But, in the spirit of carpe diem, I persisted! I just knew that if I didn't take advantage of that half hour my jar project would remained trapped in my brain for another month.

So, do you like my little giraffe jar? We're going to use it to put our old batteries in while they wait to be recycled.

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