Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I think I need a pintervention. Do you, too? I am so far down the rabbit-hole that there's no escape for me, and although it's so satisfying collecting images and ideas and being inspired by the myriad of amazingness that exists on the interwebs, I really need to pull up a bit and obey the fundamental meme of pin-obsessed crafters:

I have a board called "All the crafty goodness that I will someday have time for", and it's choc-a-block with projects. Useful projects that would be easy and fun. Very few of which I've actually accomplished. Despite actually having time. And materials. And a purpose/gift recipient in mind. What's going on? Is it possible that I have too much pin-spiration?

This, dear Reader, stops today. Today marks a new monthly challenge that I have set for myself. Stop pinning, start making. Specifically, choose something from my Pinterest catalogue of "really cool craft ideas" to actually DO. And then show you all here. Sometimes with some DIY instructions attached. So, I present to you the first in my new series Pintervention: The Tea Cup Pin Cushion.

And yes, I get the irony of my first pintervention project being a pin cushion...

1. Collect your materials: Tea cup, fabric, stuffing, glue (hot glue or any strong bond works fine),  pretty button, wool or other thick string, needle and thread, newspaper or other scrap paper.

2. Stuff the bottom of the tea cup with some newspaper or scrap paper, putting a little bit of glue at the bottom so it holds. I did this so that I didn’t have to be so careful about the size of the cushion, and so that I didn’t waste stuffing.

3. Cut a circle out of your fabric roughly twice the diameter of the tea cup. 

4. Sew around the edges of your fabric circle - big, long stitches are good here because you’re going to pull the thread tight to create a ‘pouch’ for the stuffing. You can see in my pic below that the stitches don’t need to be neat, and the circle edges don’t need to be cut cleanly!

5. Thread a big needle with your wool or other thick string, turn your ‘pouch’ on its back and find the centre. Thread the wool through the centre, pulling the wool taught to create a dip. At this point it should look like a fat doughnut :-)

6. Using the centre point as your axis, thread the wool through the middle, over the edges and down the middle again. Pull the wool just tight enough to create a ‘pouf’. Repeat six times, evenly spacing each one. It won’t look perfect straight away, unless - unlike me - you cut a perfect circle and did perfect stitching and was very careful about your pouching a pouf-ing! Don’t worry, we’ll fix it up in the next step.

7. The picture below shows the ugly underside of my pretty cushion. In this step I went back to my original needle and thread and did some nips and tucks, folding in bits and sewing them down so that the bulges on the ‘good’ side would be even and plump. Nobody sees this bit :-)

8. With your normal needle and thread go straight through the middle to secure your button on the top. I think rounded, shanked buttons look better for this project as they nestle in the dip created by the wool rather than sitting awkwardly and flat on top.

9. Coat the inside of the tea cup and top of the paper with glue (not too high up the sides!), and stick your cushion in. See? All the ugly parts are hidden!

10. Enjoy, hopefully with prettier pins than I have. I really need to get myself some of those nice pearl-headed ones.

I’ve just realised that this is my first ever tutorial. How rude of me! Expect more in the future :-)

* Note to the lazy crafter - Lack of materials can put a dampener on motivation. I don’t have cushion stuffing lying around, but I do have cushions lying around... one of my couch cushions is now a little bit thinner as I slit a hole in the lining and stole a cupful of stuffing for this project ;-) Use the resources you have at hand!

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