Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Not too shabby!

Actually, maybe just the right amount of shabby? Do exposed stitching and pom poms count at shabby chic these days? Regardless, I'm calling these letter hangers an insomniac crafting success.

This title has gotten me wondering what the definition of shabby chic actually is. And how to properly spell 'chic' in this context. Back in a moment. Must google...

*Insert elevator music here*

Ok, I'm back with a screenshot for you. My insomniac creations may be more shabby than chic.

The more I look at them, though (in the daylight), the more I'm really liking my little letter sibling gifts, and I think I'll make some more. A Christmas edition might be cute, hey? With some themed fabric and seasonal colours?

With these letters I picked fabrics from my remnant pile that would match the little one's personalities, and their parent's tastes. The floral print is actually from the same series they used to make their wedding linen! I also thought about what might make the toddler happy (aside from having a brand new baby sister), so his polka-dot one has some bells in the pom poms to really annoy his parents ;-).  The letters are about 18cm tall, with a plaited string to hang them from a door handle. Or off the edge of a curtain rail, way out of reach so that the bells don't jingle-jangle the sleep deprived parents into madness...

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