Monday, September 15, 2014

Bling Bling

Today I’m doing last-minute photo editing before jumping on a plane to AUSTRALIA! 

It’s easy to take wedding photos when the bride is as beautiful as this, and when the couple’s love is so visible. It’s less easy to cull the 800 pics on my memory card down to the 450 I’m giving them, although a good start is deleting the blinkers and the blurry.

Here’s lovely bride Kate with her handsome groom Guus in a little candid shot with pretty sun-spots. Kate’s showing off the bling hair accessory I made for her. These photos were from the small stadshuis (town hall) service the day before the epic cathedral service. I used some offcuts of lace that was from her cathedral dress to make the hair piece, and topped it off with sparkling Swarovski crystals, pearls and glass beads. Proost to the happy couple!


  1. Wow Nissa! Can't wait to see the rest. Rach x

    1. Thanks, Rachel! It's really all down to the incredible attractiveness of the models ;-)
      Kate has the rest now. Hit her up for the Dropbox link xo

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