Monday, September 1, 2014

Taking Stock: September

I've had a huge weekend at the wedding of the year, and am about to descend into preparations for my first trip back to Australia in almost three years. Now is a great time to sit back and Take Stock. Want to play along? Go to Pip's to grab a blank copy for yourself.

Making: bridal hair pieces laden with pearls and Swarovski crystals.
Cooking: Nothing. Too busy! Thank you, husband, for keeping me fed!
Drinking: Pink Prosecco in wedding toasts.
Reading: Nothing. Too busy! But I have a big stack of novels awaiting my attention, and I'm actually looking forward to my crazy 24hr flight to get into some books.
Wanting: Another Tim Tam. See 'snacking' below.
Looking: At wedding photos. Sigh!
Playing: Not nearly enough. Need some R&R.
Deciding: What to pack to take to Australia. And trying to not take too much as I can always raid my sister's wardrobe when I'm there.
Wishing: That my sister will gift me some of her great vintage repro dresses that I'll be borrowing during my trip!
Enjoying: Wedding season.
Waiting: For one of my closest friends to pop! Looking forward to meeting you, Baby Girl.
Liking: That I'll actually get to meet this baby when she's a baby! Yay for going to Australia!
Wondering: What it'll be like to be back 'home'.
Loving: That I get to be back home!
Pondering: My next sewing project, and the best place to buy the fabric I need.
Considering: Painting the dining table.
Hoping: That my Dutchman will go along with my plans to paint the dining table...
Watching: BBC's Our Zoo. It just started tonight. 
Marvelling: At the insane Dutch 'summer', and how the Dutchies wear flip flops one day and puffy jackets the next.
Needing: Chocolate. But resisting.
Smelling: Eucalyptus oil. Banishing the dreaded cold or - even worse - man-flu!
Wearing: A stunning Swarovski earrings and necklace set given to me by my beautiful Amsterfam lady xox
Following: My nose. Although it's a bit stuffy from a cold...
Noticing: That I'm holding my phone up closer to my face. Glasses time?
Knowing: That my husband is the most sweet and supportive man ever. And I am loved.
Thinking: In terms of stitches, seams, snips and sewing.
Admiring: The beautiful dresses that I've been entrusted to alter.
Sorting: Washing. I finally have time to do some laundry, and priority goes to Sander's socks and the clothes I'm taking to Oz.
Buying: Kitsch Dutch party goods for our one-year anniversary party.
Snacking: on Tim Tams and Cherry Ripes, brought over by Australian friends. And sugar-snap peas!
Bookmarking: Hopefully with an actual bookmark soon. I can't wait to read the books waiting on my bedside table.
Disliking: The Abbot government and their waves of ignorance, oppression, propaganda and elitism. Ugh-stralya.
Opening: Another fun-size Cherry Ripe. 
Giggling: At the Bachelor Australia recaps over on Mamamia. I'm not watching the show but I'm loving the commentary.
Feeling: Satisfied. And a bit cold, because "summer".
Coveting: Nothing. See 'feeling' above.
Wishing: That the double dissolution would happen, or something else to get our beautiful country out of this horrible situation before much of our goodness is destroyed.
Helping: Brides with their special days. It's lovely to be a part of.
Hearing: My little cat's strange pigeon-coo purrs. Super cute.

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