Thursday, October 30, 2014

Wooooo! Spooky!

Halloween is a funny holiday. I'd really like to experience an American Halloween one time, just to see how it exists as a proper cultural celebration rather than the diluted dress-up excuse it is in Australia and the Netherlands.

However - you all know how much I love an excuse for dressing-up! My sister is no different, and while I was in Oz recently she asked me to help her make a headpiece for an upcoming Halloween party. Going off vague ideas of mythology (we started with Medusa but it was too expensive to find enough rubber snakes at short notice), fawns and horns (not Maleficent style, that'll be sooo overdone this year!) we stumbled across the idea of using twigs as antlers and going with a 'Forest Spirit' vibe. We decided on a colour palette of black, green, blue and purple to go with my sister's fabulous feather cape. Feather cape!

What I love most about these antlers is the sparkly stretch sequin used as the headband. Who says a Forest Spirit can't have a little bling?

Enjoy the pics. Oh, and Sue? Don't be so cute and photogenic next time. Then you won't end up on my blog! xox

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