Saturday, March 14, 2015


That’s an animal Grrr, not an angry Grrr.

I had a great night last night at a social dancing event here in Amsterdam, SOOP (Swing Out Of Pocket). As it was a cabaret night, and there were a lot of different skills on display, I brought along my kimonos and jewellery and had a little stall.

Selling is an interesting part of the crafting process, and an interesting part for me in deciding which pieces I keep and which I part with! For instance, I made two porcelain cat bead tassel necklaces on an insomniac crafting night, one with gold chain and the other with silver. I really couldn’t decide which one to keep. Problem solved - I offered up both for sale and as the first one to sell was the silver one, it means that I keep the gold! I also made a lovely flowy black kimono with copper blossoms and black fringing a few weeks back. I wore this to a party, and it was sold off my back to someone else (I’m a billboard, yes?). I had more of the same material and made another, and after watching people pick it up and try it on last night for a hour, decided that the only home it was going to was my own!

That’s been my philosophy with creating for a while now. I don’t make anything that I don’t want to keep myself. ink & whim has always been a hobby endeavour; an outlet for my creativity and a pastime when my options are limited by ill-health. It makes me very happy to keep the pretty things for myself, sell the overflow, and, of course, gift my friends and family with my handmade goodness at Christmas and birthdays.

My Animal Lid Jars made their debut last night too. This is not a new idea - upcycling animal toys has been a Pinterest mainstay for a few years now - and I’m embracing the trend. I made one jar for a good friend for her birthday, and had a few requests from the others at the dinner table, so got crafting. I’ve added a jewellery hanger to the underside of the lid and included a handmade necklace or earrings for a cute little gift-and-packaging all in one. The jars would be great for storing other things too: I made a little one to hold my stud earrings, and will make another couple for my bobby pins and hair ties to keep next to the bed (how do I not have a storage solution for this already?).

As always, drop me a line if you want me to make one for you, or have a specific animal request. There’s an album with options for sale over on my Facebook page.


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