Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Taking Stock: March

On this cold and drizzly day in Amsterdam I'm really in need of one of Pip's Taking Stock lists. It's midday and I've put myself to bed with a cuppa, and although my crafty world in the other room is calling out to me, I think it's best to call a rest day. Lists, however, make me feel terribly accomplished. They have a great way of validating your busyness and calming the mind. So, here we go!

Making : Everything! Kimonos, clutch purses, tassel necklaces and everything in between. Plus three sewing commissions, including a tulle ball-skirt that is very exciting.
Cooking : Sweet potatoes. Roasting them whole until they turn to mush, then eating the innards with salt and butter. It's gotten to the point where I don't even put them on the shopping list anymore - my Dutchman buys them with the bread, milk and other staples.
Drinking : Tea. And when I go to the café downstairs, Maltesers hot chocolate.
Reading: About to begin The Rosie Project, by Graeme Simsion, on loan to me from a friend, and recommended by another.
Wanting: Corn chips. And salsa. No - guacamole.
Looking: ... forward to Spring. So over the cold!
Deciding: Which of these prompts I'll respond to, and giving myself permission to edit and shorten the list!
Wishing: That it was easier to travel to Australia. I'd just like one beach day with my loved ones.
Enjoying: Sewing. I've got the bug.
Waiting: For weather that allows me to wear cute shoes outside. So over my boots!
Liking: Lots of pictures on Instagram. Follow me! @nissagram
Loving: My Dutchman. He's such an amazing support. And funny and handsome ;-)
Buying: Vintage sari borders from India. Now that they've arrived I'm too afraid to use them! They're so pretty!
Watching: Mr Selfridge online while I do handwork. I don't enjoy it as much as Downton - I find the characters aren't as developed and it's annoying how the title character speaks in quotes (kind of like how the Chanel bio with Shirley Temple was scripted? ) but I have to get my vintage fix somehow!
Hoping: That it's sunny tomorrow. Are you sensing a theme?
Marvelling: At early 20th century fashion and handiwork. It never fails to impress. I went to the Tassen Museum (handbags and purses) a few weeks ago and fell in love all over again.

Wearing: My newly-made cat bead tassel necklace. I've had four of these little porcelain cat beads 'saved' for about eight years now. Why do we save such things instead of enjoying them? 
Following: Worldwide crafters on Instagram. It's a whole new community to get to know. Tag me in a picture if you'd like me to follow you, too.
Knowing: That I'll feel better once the sun is shining.
Thinking: Constantly. And with a notebook by the bed to record 2am inspiration.
Buying: 15 metres of black bride's tulle. Can't wait for the post to be delivered.
Coveting: Liberty fabrics. I would buy them all if I could.
Disliking: Most of what the Australian government is up to, particularly when it comes to children in detention. Such an ignorant and inhumane bubble they're cultivating.
Hearing: Power tools :-/ The neighbours are renovating their roof terrace which is really mucking up my plans for a quiet bed day!


  1. Lovely list!

    Oh I love Downton Abbey, especially all of the fashions! I must admit it did cause me to wake up at 1am the other night to write down some ideas I had about maybe doing a 1920s inspired photo shoot (if I can find myself a model that is!). You and my husband would get along just fine, he is obsessed with sweet potato too!

  2. Thanks, Kylie!

    I’ve been watching it on my computer and pausing every time a new character comes into the room in order to take a screenshot of their outfit! One day I’ll make a ton of Downton-clothes, and send them to you to use in your photoshoot ;-)

    Sweet potato and Downton Abbey - it’s what makes the world go ‘round!

  3. PS - I hope you see this reply! My reply function isn’t working on the Blogger platform at the moment so I’m restricted to adding new comments...

  4. I love these Taking Stock posts, I've started doing theme recently myself and they are so fun to do/read.

    I am also obsessed with sweet potatoes - so delicious! And I've heard such great things about The Rosie Project (I've been meaning to read it for so long) I hope you enjoy it.

    1. Thanks, Chloe! They're great, hey? I really like how give a snapshot of the author and a representation of where they're at. I also like reading over my past lists to see what was occupying my brain a few months back!

      As for The Rosie Project - do it! I read it in one sitting and just LOVED it. Such a great narrator, and laugh out loud funny at times. My friend made the mistake of reading it at the hairdresser and made all sorts of noises trying to keep her giggles in whilst in a public place!