Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Do you know what OOTD means? I do! I just found out. It's Instagram speak for Outfit Of The Day. I had to look it up.

I kept noticing #ootd on posts of people with really great dress sense, and I thought for a while it was name of a brand or something. I actually googled "what is #ootd"! Does this mean I'm officially old now? Is this a young person thing, or a tech thing? Goodness, how do we keep up with it all?

So, as part of my new Instagram life, these are my #ootd shots from yesterday. I know, it's not technically my #ootd - it's my #ooyd. If yesterday was two words...

Posting this here the day after isn't my only #fail on this whole selfie photoshoot thing either. It's been crazy windy here in Amsterdam this week, and when I went outside to take my pictures I almost got blown away. And my phone got blown over onto the wet ground. My freshly coiffed hair became wild and windswept. I accessorised with goosebumps. The neighbour lady bringing in washing looked at me weirdly.   Glamorous business, blogging! After a couple of failed photos I retreated inside and had myself a stairwell selfie session. Surprisingly good light on the stairs.

FYI, This  heart elbow cardigan is for sale in my Etsy store. I even added one of my selfie shots to the listing! I’m still too shy to make it the primary image though. That’s weird... Oh, and I think you're meant to mention the clothing brands you're wearing in these things? Vintage plaid shirt found at Vintage Per Kilo, black stretch pants from Kmart, heart studs from Target, brogues from Atmosphere. Yup, designer all the way!  

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